Delinquent Parents Outreach, INC.

Child Support Advocacy
"Alternative To Incarceration"


Our Services

Our services assist in the facilitation of personal accountability of non-custodial parents currently within the child support system.

Employment assistance is one of many services offered to non-custodial parents through our program. The program also provides information and referral services to non-custodial parents seeking assistance with paternity establishment, visitation/custody rights, child support account reviews, licensing issues, and modification of child support orders.

Non-custodial parents who are unable to pay their child support because they are unemployed or under employed are eligible for employment assistance. While Delinquent Parents Outreach, Inc. does not place non-custodial parents in jobs, we will refer parents to community-based service providers within their residential County who can assist parents with their employment search.

The following list is representative of our unique services: 

  • Addressing child support issues; I’m out, now what?

  • Court Orders: Can’t pay your child support?

  • Payment Modification

  • File A Motion

  • Letter(s) To the court

  • Emancipated Orders

  • DNA Testing

  • Open Warrants

  • Driver’s License Reinstatement

  • Employment Referrals: Resume writing, re-entry life skills, etc.

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