Delinquent Parents Outreach, INC.

Child Support Advocacy
"Alternative To Incarceration"


About Us

Delinquent Parents Outreach, INC. (DPO) was developed out of a need to provide support services and employment opportunities to individuals living in the Tri-State area with established child support orders. Our clients are predominately within the criminal justice system and are either on probation or temporarily confined in county, state, or federal correctional facilities. However, our services are open to both custodial as well as non-custodial parents within our servicing area.

DPO has created a program called, "Not A Handout, But A Way Out", to deal with the socio-economic adjustments of the ex-offender.  We understand that as a direct consequence of previous involvement in the criminal justice system the ex-offender many times experiences difficulties in gaining and maintaining viable employment.  These employment challenges make it nearly impossible to comply with court ordered child support payments and arrears.  It is our observation that individuals facing the consequences of unwise life decisions without rehabilitative support are detrimental to re-establishing familial accountability.  The end result, the children lack the financial security necessary to lead healthy lives.  Our program is designed to meet the growing needs of custodial and non-custodial parents as they navigate the child support system.

DPO created an early intervention service for the Montgomery Education Pre-Release Center (known today as Dayton Correctional Institution) in Dayton, Ohio and other various institutions in the state.  We believe rehabilitative support for parents brings about a positive change that is prerequisite to a healthy social conscious toward the community.

DPO understands that failing to offer instructions for the tools we are providing individuals re-entering our society, sets the stage for frustration and hopelessness which will ultimately lead to failure.  We believe our organization to be a change agent in our community, assisting in reversing self-destructive life-styles that perpetuate the deterioration of accountability, morals and family values.  For the individual(s) desiring change, we offer knowledge, hope, purpose and a fresh start.


Dr. Sheryl Johnson is the founder and Consultant for the Delinquent Parents Outreach Program. As an advocate for ex-offenders, and parents who are in default of their child support Sheryl states she wants every individual to be afforded the opportunity to lead a life with purpose, while living in the community of their choice with dignity and hope.


Delinquent Parents Outreach, Inc., takes great pride in the leadership competences of our Board of Directors.  Currently it is comprised of 5 community leaders.  Our Board of Directors have demonstrated abilities in five core areas:

  • Leading Change - to develop and implement an organizational vision that integrates key program goals, priorities, values, and other factors. 
  • Leading People - ability to design and implement strategies that maximize employee/client potential. Results Driven - accountability and the ability to make timely and effective decisions. 
  • Business Acumen -ability to acquire and administer human, financial, material, and information resources in a manner that instills public trust.
  • Building Coalitions - ability to network and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.  Representative of an array of organizations and individuals with the ultimate goal of building a partnership with the courts and local employment to create successful change within our community. 
  • Communication - ability to explain, advocate, and express facts and ideas in a clear and concise manner and to negotiate with individuals and groups internally and externally. We expect our Board to lead change in our communities.
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